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Labyrinth Błędne Rocks in Stołowe Mountains in Poland

Błędne Rocks is the most popular sight in Stołowe Mountains. Visited by thousand of tourist yearly it’s another, not to say rock city, because it’s not that huge as Prachov Rocks or Bohemian Paradise, but we can call it definitely a rock labyrinth.  


The rock labyrinth Błedne Skały is a one-way route. There’s no way back, because the passages are so narrow, there’s no chance the two people would pass by. The whole circle makes about 1,5 kilometers. And although it’s mostly about squeezing, kneeling and bending over, there’re also few places you can catch a glimpse on the beautiful panoramas on Stołowe mountains. The trail itself is exhilarating, all the time accompanied by rock steps, wooden footbridges and huge rock formations. Some of which have their own names like Rock Saddle, Labyrinth, Tunnel or Great Hall. 


Błedne Skały is pretty popular destination during summer season, so try to get up early in order to avoid crowds. First of all, the one-way entrance to the car park and strictly defined hours of shuttle traffic can be incovenient. Secondly, one-way trail can get clogged if all the people starts at the same time. Hit the trail early in the morning and preferably in the middle of the week, and be more comfortable exploring this mysterious rock world. 


Błedne Skały labirynt is open all-year-round. There’re two parking places – upper (open only during season) and lower. Upper parking costs 30 PLN and the gate keepers only allows car at a full hour and just as many cars as drove back from the top. The exit from the car park at Błędne Skały is 30 minutes after each full hour,  On the contrary, the lower parking is for free, but you need to hike 4 kilometers to get to the entrance. The entrance fee to Błędne Rocks is 12 PLN for an adult and 6 PLN for a kid.  


You just simply have to take your kids with you. This rock labyrinth is perfect for them. Mine had a lot of fun trying to get through small passages, thinking of a way to walk by, but especially bumping their butts and sliding on their shoes. I definitely do not recommend visiting Labyrinth Błedne Rocks with babies, as there’s no chance to pass by with a stroller and it would be dangerous to have your kid in the carrier. Some of the passages are so narrow, it’s difficult not to hurt yourself.


After season entering the labyrinth is at your own risk. There’re few inconveniences, but also some advantages of going there off season. First of all, the upper parking is closed, so you need to hike around 4 kilometers to get there. It’s written 1 hour on the signs, but it definitely took us way more to get there, as deforestation took place and we had to jump over huge logs lying on the track. Secondly, the labyrinths, the rocks and the wooden path – all are very slippery off season. Watch where you stomp, because you can end up with swollen ass or what’s worse broken leg. What’s good when visiting off season is that the entrance is free of charge and there’re barely people there.  


  • Upper parking closed
  • Additional 4 kilometer to walk


  • Free of charge 
  • No people 


You don’t have to end up here. Go ahead and hit the trail for a longer hike. Follow the read path called: Główny Szlak Sudecki to get to the highest mountain of Stołowe Mountains: Szczeliniec Wielki, which is 919 meters high. It’s another 5 kilometers. But the possibilities are endless and if you’re an avid mountain hiker you’ll find something that suits you best.  


We stayed in a wooden house in Radkow, which had everything we needed. It was enough for 4 people and a dog. The house is equipped with kitchen utensils, queen size bed, single bed and a sofa. What’s more outside is a nice playground for kids and the terrace, where you can have a barbecue in the evening. There’s heating, so it can be occupied during winter season as well. The house was situated outside of the city center, but in close proximity to local attractions. Lake Radkowski, Geopark, Viewing Platform Guzowato are just a few among many great spots to visit. Also 5 minute walk from the accommodation there’s a small bistro serving local cuisine called Made in Sudety. I do really recommend this spot.

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