Hlinsko Vysocina
Czech Republic,  Vysocina Region

A weekend away in Vysocina Region

Even though it doesn’t look like, for some people the ski season in the Czech Republic is not over yet. While individuals await upcoming spring impatiently, others still search for a perfect slope to ride on. Ski resorts in the Czech Republic do their best to keep the snow as long as it is possible for mutual benefits. It’s much easier in the parts of Czech like the Krkonose Mountain Range, Jizera Mountains, Jeseniky Mountains or Beskids, but what with others? For example: ski area Olesnice in Morava is still open as well as the ski snow park Harusak in Nove Mesto, Vysocina Region. By the way, have you noticed that Vysocina Region, with its highlands is dotted all over with ski resorts? Among many you may find: Velké Meziříčí – Ski areál Fajtův kopec, Ski areál Šacberk, SKI areál Svratka. Most of them are not more than 100 kilometers away from Brno.


The same goes for Hlinsko Ski, where I was more than a week ago. There’re three ski lifts and three different runs: blue, red and black, so everyone can choose what fits him/her best. Currently, snow is nowhere to be found beside the slope, but it apparently doesn’t bother anyone. The only disadvantage seems to be long queues to the ski lift. People had to wait around 10 minutes to get their turn, which with a 2-minute ride down is a lot. On the other hand, ski lifts are not expensive-it’s only 300 kc for a 6-hour ski pass or 160 kc for 2-hour ski ticket. You can also load your ski card with points and use them for every single ride. 100 points equals 100 kc, depending on the ski lift you choose you may go 6 to 12 times for that.

Hlinsko Ski
Hlinsko Ski


Not in Hlinsko, but we found accommodation in the middle of nowhere in Horni Babakov, in a beautiful wooden house. The little village provides a soothing and peaceful environment, encourages to leisurel strolls and allows your face to express pure rapture. I believe everyone once in a while needs to be cut off from civilization, with no internet, no TV and no signal in their mobile phone. Of course, it’s better to leave your phone at home, but if it’s also your GPS device it may cause a problem.

A weekend away from the city accompanied by girls only was what I needed. Thank you:)

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