5 amazing day trips from Zurich

Zurich is a quaint and fantastic place to explore, but as if it wasn’t enough, it’s also surrounded by many superb places. I feel like a weekend in the city is not enough to see the obvious spots like Uetliberg, Lindt factory, or Opera House’s interiors. Not to mention remote 20 minutes by car famous Weber Park in Dietikon or Wilderness Park on the outskirts of Zurich. But if you have more days to spare in Zurich, you should definitely visit those mentioned above, but also check out these 5 different day trip ideas I’m about to share.  


Zug is a small picturesque city remote only 25 minutes by car from Zurich. It’s also connected with a direct train from Zurich. A stroll along the lakeside promenade is something you need to do when visiting Zug, then walk down to the picturesque Old Town with the town’s landmark: the Zytturm tower. If you feel like hiking, set off to a nearby ZugBerg, which is 1093 meters above sea level – first-rate views guaranteed. Zug is known to be the city of cherries, so you need to try out the Zuger Kirschtorte in Treichler. 


Nature wonders, located an hour’s ride from Zurich in Neuhausen am Rheinfall offer fantastic thrills and a day spent out in nature. It’s interesting that it’s the biggest waterfall in Europe but in terms of water flow. During summer, 600 cubic meters of water flow in just 1 second. In winter this amount drops to 250 cubic meters. The waterfall today is 150 meters long and 23 meters wide. There’re several viewing platforms, where you can take those insta photos. A memorable experience would be to go on a boat that swims close enough to the rock in the center of the river and climb on its platform. If you have enough time, you can also hike around the river and spend a pleasant day out. 


It is a picturesque medieval town located on the southern shore of Lake Zurich. Get here by 2-hour boat trip, by bike around Zurich Lake, or by train. It’s known as the Town of Roses, because of its beautiful rose gardens. Don’t forget to visit the castle built in the XII century or wander around the Old Town. Another attraction is the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland. Try it out, and go for a scenic walk from Rapperswil to Hurden.  


Without a doubt, I can say that Lucerne is the most beautiful city I’ve seen so far. There’re plenty of sights to visit starting from the two wooden bridges, Lucerne’s historic fortification to the picturesque Old Town. Walk along the shores of the deep blue lake Lucerne and admire the mountain view. Adventure lovers may also choose to hike to a nearby Rigi or Pilatus. Check out the official Lucerne website to choose from available hiking paths.


Pilatus is a 2132 meters high mountain, where you can either get by cable car, which may take up to an hour if you count the waiting line, or on foot, hiking for around 5 hours. Either way, the view from the dragon mountain is mesmerizing. At the top, you can sip a cup of coffee at the Cafe, eat a warm meal at the restaurant, simply enjoy the view, or book a room at the mountain hotel Pilatus Kulm!! Imagine waking up to that spectacular scenery!


Look for a comfortable room in Zurich like the one in Sorell Hotel Zürichberg, which is close to the Zurich Zoo and is travel sustainable in addition. Another option is Trip Inn Zurich Hotel, which has good ratings and still is a cheaper option. Ibis Zürich Messe Airport is close to the airport, while aja Zürich seems to be a good option in Altsttete.

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